10414NAT - Course in Drug and Alcohol Testing

A nationally recognised training course accredited under the National Standards for Registration and the Australian Qualifications Framework designed for people who are responsible for drug and alcohol screening or collection in the workplace, and those wishing to learn more about drug and alcohol screening procedures.   

HSR - Health & Safety Representative

A Health and Safety Representative (HSR) is the person elected by members of a work group within a business, or across a number of businesses to represent that work group during consultation on work health and safety issues.

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

All personnel involved in maritime and port security activities are required by law to undertake training to comply with the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations 2003. ( Regulation 1.25(4)(b) and Regulation 3.115)

Baseline Training Pty Ltd offers a practical 2-day specialised Port Facility Security Officer
(PFSO) Training Program tailored to Australian Legislation and the specific needs of staff working in Australian Ports and Port Facilities. Baseline also offers a half-day refresher course designed to get PFSO delegates up to speed with your knowledge and any changes to the legislation since initial training.

VEHICLES - PMASUP236 Operate Vehicles In the Field

Through the combination of theory and practical training, this course provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required to safely operate vehicles in the field including remote locations under a range of conditions. This unit is suitable for personnel who may be required to patrol areas across a variety of terrains looking for problems which require maintenance or reporting.