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22 April, 2020

Training Surge Campaign

CPA Group’s subsidiary Registered Training Organisation, Baseline Training, has a long-standing relationship with one of Australia’s largest distributors of electricity on Australia’s east coast that currently provides power to over 1.7 million customers.

Recently, Baseline Training was commissioned by its client to roll out a huge training blitz campaign. The project was split into four courses: Internal Confine Space awareness program, and three external courses delivered by Baseline Training. (Confined Spaces – Entry, Standby and Rescue)

The first month focused on Confined Spaced Entry and Confined Space Standby.

The Confined Space Project occupied just one calendar month. During this period, 18 days were made available by our client to conduct specialised high-risk training.

Training delivery was conducted at the client Training Facility located in NSW.

The delivery involved the deployment of 7 Baseline trainers, led by our lead Sydney-based trainer, Andy Palmer.

The campaign stats indicate the challenge represented by the project:

  • 54 courses / sessions delivered
  • 470 trainees
  • 178 units of competency delivered
  • 1,424 training hours delivered
  • 1,538 Units of Competence assessed

Needless to say, the resources, both in-house and at the training facility, were stretched but we are proud to say that the campaign ran smoothly and was well received by our client and the trainees.

The campaign continues – back to work!!

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